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April Benson

Certified Tea Specialist

Growing up in the south, we always had a pitcher of sweet tea on the table with
every meal. You know the kind. Purchased from the grocery, cardboard box,
white bags filled with a crushed dirt looking substance (technically called dustings
or fannings) and probably just as old as dirt . But it’s what we drank and the more
sugar the better.  Luckily today I know better!

About six years ago, I was searching for some herbal alternatives to
pharmaceutical medication and in that quest I stumbled upon loose leaf tea.
I was offered a cup with little expectation. I mean tea is tea, right?
Before the first sip hit my lips, the aroma was intoxicating and I knew this was
going to be a treat.  I instantly fell in love with loose leaf tea. It was a 
White Bloom Earl Grey and had a complex blend of fruity yet floral and
a smooth light finish. I was hooked and determined to taste all of the other
flavors as well.  Boy was I in for a surprise because, come to find out, there would
not be enough days in my life to do that!  I was so smitten with this new found
hobby of mine that I just had to turn it into a career. Tea was, and still is, my


I ran off to the World Tea Expo and started taking every course I could to expand
my knowledge of teas from all over the world.I even took a three -week tea tour of 
Japan where I studied the growing and harvesting process of green teas and Matcha.
Today I am a Certified Tea Specialist.


In 2014, I opened The Tea Spout & Matcha Bar where we offered tea lovers a place to sip, study, socialize, learn about and purchase amazing teas and herbal blends from all over the world. It was one of my life’s greatest accomplishments and  I will be forever grateful for the  amazing friendships I made there but unfortunately, after six years, I was forced to close my shop due to the financial strain of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Today I continue to run my little tea life online. I’m still blending, sipping and tasting along with packing, shipping and delivering to my local “Teaspouters”. It is important to me to stay connected to the community that helped me build my dream while offering me the opportunity to invite new Teaspouters in from all over the world.  You can always be assured that there will be detail, care and love in every package you receive from The Tea Spout Tea Company!              

Joey Thompson

Certified Herb & Supplement Expert
Assistant Tea Guru

My whole life has been a journey of fitness and health discoveries.
Trying new things and expanding my knowledge of what healthy is and means.

I started my tea journey about 5 years ago as I was searching for
healthier alternatives to beverages.
I came across a little local tea shop and fell in love with the place.
The owner was incredibly knowledgable about what she was doing.
Needless to say, I never left.
I began 
working at The Tea Spout as a Tearista and through hard work
and dedication, shortly after, I moved my way up to Shop Manager.

Learning about the ingredients in the tea blends and the tea itself sparked an
incredible realization that I loved herbs and what they could do. 

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic,
The Tea Spout closed it's doors and I no longer had the daily practice.

I decided to dedicate my new free time to studying and am now a Certified Herbs & Supplements Expert. This sparked a bigger self discovery of not only herbs but holistic care and organic products in general which drove me to becoming a Wellness Coach. I am back working with April and my experience here at The Tea Spout has been full of amazing opportunities for knowledge. I hope to keep learning and sharing with all of The Tea Spouters out there!

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