Blueberries & Cream

***HOT (8oz water)

1 tsp. Blueberries & Peaches Oolong

1/2 T. brown sugar

1/2 T. sweetened condensed milk

1 tsp. Blueberry Matcha

***ICED (12oz water for a 16 oz drink)

2 T. Blueberry & Peaches Oolong

2 T. brown sugar

2 T. sweetened condensed milk

1 tsp. Blueberry Matcha

Steep tea with the brown sugar according to steeping instructions

Whip matcha in

Stir in condensed milk (while tea is still hot)

Add a small amount of ice and stir to chill

Pour over ice


*Note- Sugars my be steeped in a Tea Genie but matcha and milks should not.

Cheers to health & happiness in a cup!

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