Step 1: Heat  an appropriate amount of water to ,about, 175 degrees for sensitive teas such as green teas,
white teas, and oolong teas. (Boiling the water can burn the leaf and make it taste bitter.) If you are
steeping a black tea or an herbal blend, then boiling water (about 212 degrees) works just fine!

Step 2: Place one teaspoon of tea per 8oz in your Tea Genie or any steeper.

(Ex: I want to fill my 16 ounce mug, so I will place 2 teaspoons of matcha in my heat safe preparation bowl.)
For a cold tea use one tablespoon of tea per 8oz.
(Remember we are using less water because we will be adding ice to chill it.)

Step 3: Set a timer with the appropriate amount of time to steep your tea.

Step 4: Add any sweeteners you like into your genie. Steeping your tea with sweeteners allows for better flavor.

Step 5: Once your timer goes off you will place your genie on top of any vessel to drain it. 

If you are drinking a hot tea you can release the liquor straight into your drinking vessel. 

If it is cold release it into a different vessel so you can chill it before pouring it over ice.