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Now that you've entered the wonderful world of loose leaf tea, you know that grocery store tea bags are just not worthy of you! Never can they compare to to the flavors, the aromas and and the health benefits of fresh quality artisan blends. Once you get the hang of it, it's easy, quick, and you'll never go back to the dark side! The main thing you need to remember when brewing iced tea is use LESS water and MORE tea so that when you add ice you don't water down your drink.


I recommend this method if you want to drink it right now.

**If you're making several glasses or a pitcher, I recommend steeping your leaves over the stove (remember to turn the heat off before adding leaves) and using a kitchen strainer to separate the steeped leaves form the brewed "liquor".

Single Serving

You'll Need:

Tea Spout Tea

Steeper ( I recommend the Tea Genie for a nice tall 24oz iced blend).


Measuring cup

Fresh water (filtered if possible)

Programmable tea kettle (Walmart.com has a ton of them) stove or microwave

Step 1: Read the package for steeping time and water instructions

Step 2: Prepare water according to package

Step 3: Add 1.5 T of tea, 1 tsp. extra herbs if desired, and 12oz water per serving

Step 4: Set a timer according to package

Step 5: Remover steeper from tea (or if you're using the Tea Genie, just sit it atop your cup)

Step 6: Optional. Add Matcha, sweeteners, and milks. I like vanilla matcha, agave or brown sugar!

Step 7: Add a couple of ice cubes and stir to chill. This step is important to avoid iced tea without ice (one of my greatest pet peeves😩).

Step 8: Pour over ice

Step 9: Happy sipping!

Re-steep those leaves for a second glass! Just add a minute to the steeping time.


I prefer this method for tea I am going to drink later.

You'll Need:

1 EZ Brew draw string paper filter

48oz fresh cold water

48oz pitcher

3 Tabelspoons Tea

Step 1 : Add 3T. tea to filter and close

Step 2: Add water and filter to pitcher

Step 3: Refrigerate overnight or place in the sun for at least four hours

Step 4: Pour over ice and enjoy!

***We also offer convenient pre-filled, drop in pitcher sized bags in every flavor available in our online shop.

Tea tips:

* Never re-boil water. It loses oxygen and produces a flat taste. You don't deserve that!

* Pouring water at a roaring boing over leaves may scald them and diminsh flavor.

* Don't cover your leaves while they are steeping in hot water. Allowing oxygen to circulate while steeping offers maximum flavor.

* Many of our blends contain healthy herbs but you can always add more!

* An Iced Matcha after lunch will help digest your food and stimulate your mind helping you get over that afternoon slump. Ugh!

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