How to steep the perfect cuppa hot tea

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

My daily tea ritual is a steaming hot cup of caffeinated tea alone on the back porch in the morning to get my motor running, iced herbal blends during the day (that I have steeped cold brew overnight), an iced Matcha after lunch, and a calming hot herbal blend with valerian root, chamomile, or lavender in the evening.

You'll Need:

Tea Spout Tea

Dried herbs if you want specific health benefits

A single or multi-cup steeper (depending on how many cups you want to make at once)

Measuring spoon

Measuring cup

Fresh water (filtered if possible)

Programmable tea kettle ( has a ton of them), stove or microwave


Step 1: Read the package for steeping time and water instructions

Step 2: Measure 1 tsp. tea per every 8oz hot or boiling water

Step 3: Let the water stop boiling before gently pouring it over your leaves

Step 4: Set a timer according to package

Step 5: Remover steeper from tea (or if you're using the Tea Genie, just sit it atop your cup)

Step 6: Optional. Add Matcha, sweeteners, and milks. I like vanilla matcha, agave or brown sugar!

Step 6: Happy sipping!

Re-steep those leaves! Just add a minute to the steeping time.

Tea tips:

* Never re-boil water. It loses oxygen and produces a flat taste. You don't deserve that!

* Don't cover your leaves while they are steeping. Allowing oxygen to circulate while steeping allows for maximum flavor.

* Many of our blends contain healthy herbs but you can always add more!

* Pouring water at a roaring boing over leaves may scald them and diminsh flavor.

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