Make At Home Wellness Shots

Our Wellness shot menu was created with our customers wellness in mind. The wellness of the mind, body, and soul are engraved into our philosophy here at The Tea Spout. The Holistic belief that "when your mind, body, and spirit are well- your life is balanced" is a personal ideology of mine so I took to this project with heart. This menu was inspired by Ayurvedic Studies, where several hundred herbs and their ability to manage illnesses has been discussed for thousands of years.

Using our knowledge of herbs and tea, we created a menu that helped our customers get relief from daily ailments such as upset stomach, headaches, and anxiety. We made the solutions to these problems easy to make and easy to take- they're all in the form of a delicious shot! They were wildly popular at The Tea Spout and we're excited to share them with you. .

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