Ayurveda is the world’s oldest famous doctrine of life and comes from the advanced Vedic civilization of Ancient India.


The Ayurveda focuses on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects which are necessary to our health.


The essence of the Ayurvedic doctrine is that the Doshas ( energies) should be harmoniously balanced and this can be supported with the help and strength of certain spices.


Fueling your body, mind, and soul. Doshas- Vata( wind, air, Pneuma) Pitta (fire & water, chole) Kapha- (earth & water, phlegma)

Ayurveda Wellness

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Flavor (See descriptions below)
  • Kapha- Stimulating: Ingredients: Ginger pieces, whole corriander, whole cardamom, tumeric root, cloves, nutmeg.

    Description: A spicy non-caffeinated  blend offering an energy boost by stimulating blood flow. A perfect afternoon pick me up for those who are caffeine sensitive. 

    Vata- Anti-Strain: Ingredients: Cinnamon pieces, licorice root, ginger pieces, fennel, orage peel, whole cardamom.

    Contains licorice root- in case of high blood pressure, excessive consumption of this product should be avoided.

    Description: A robust full flavor of spice with a hint of licorice and citrus.

    Pitta- Balance: Ingredients: Cinnamon pieces, Whole cardamom, licorice root,corriander fennel, ginger pieces, rose petals.

    Contains licorice root- in case of high blood pressure, excessive consumption of this product should be avoided.

    Description: According to Ayurvedic teachings, this blend is soothing and balancing. Sweet and soft in taste with a delicate floral accent.

    Citrus Aloe Vera: Ingredients: Apple pieces,candied Aloe vera, orange peel, chamomile, natural flavoring, safflower, lemon peel, verbena, marigolds.

    Description: This creation of cooling Aloe vera, tangy lemon and mellow chamomile is just right for a hot summer day. The sweetness is created by candying the fruit pulp, which minimizes the original, slighty tangy taste of this plant.

    Yoga Tea: Ingredients: Cinnamon pieces, ginger pieces, fennel, whole cloves, whole cardamom, black peppercorns, moringa leaves

    Description: The components in this blend promote your well- being and help you along to a balanced relaxation.  

    Fasting Tea: Ingredients: Lemongrass, fennel, rose hip peel, ginger pieces, whole star aniseed, chili, whole cardamom, pink rose petals, chamomile,black peppercorns.

    Description: A blend of alkaline ingredients that can accompany you throughout your day whether you're fasting or not.

    Wake Me Up: Ingredients:Turmeric slices, Ginger pieces, eucalpytus leaves, whole cardamom, lemon peel, chili, cinnamon pieces, sage leaves, apple pieces, dried thyme, marigold blossoms.

    Description: A turmeric based blend that is sure to get the blood flowing.



  • 12-15 cups per ounce

    Steep at 203ºF- 212ºF

    6-7 minutes

    Caffeine free

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