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Drinks: Black Tea

  • English Breakfast: Ingredients: Blend of Organic Indian Black Tea

    Description: A traditional English breakfast tea fit for the Queen herself. Cheers!


    1st Flush Darjeeling: Ingredients: High Grade Indian Black Tea

    Description: Known as the champagne of teas, this tea is plucked first of is plucked first of the season from the prestigious Darjeeling Estate.


    Earl Grey: Ingredients: Organic black tea, natural bergamot flavor.

    Description: A tea classic. English Earl Grey infused with Bergamot Orange.


    Blue Lady Earl Grey: Ingredients: Black tea, blue mallow, lavender, bergamot.

    Description: A traditional earl gray infused with floral notes.


    Cream De` Earl Grey: Ingredients: Black tea, bergamont, blue mallow, calendula, and vanilla.

    Description: A smooth black tea with bergamont and notes of vanilla and florals.


    Jasmine Creamsicle: Ingredients: Black Jasmine Tea with Jasmine Petals and Vanilla.

    Description: A bold and strong take on Jasmine tea with vanilla infusions.


    Indian Thai: Ingredients: Indian Black Tea, Star of Anise and Vanilla Flavor.

    Description: A traditional, robust Indian Thai.


    Miner Energy: Ingredients: Malty Black Tea, Vanilla, Rooibos, Star of Anise, St. John's Wort and Rosehips.

    Description: Another one of our personal blends, it's our highest caffeinated tea infused with a proven mood enhancer.


    Black Raspberry Lavender: Ingredients: Organic Black Raspberry Leaves, Lavender and Lemon Hibiscus.

    Description: One of our personal blends and one of my favorite black teas!


    Almond Caramel Apple: Ingredients: Black Tea, Marigold, Apple Bits, Caramel and Almond Chips with Apple Caramel and Almond Flavors.

    Description: A fall or anytime treat, steep with brown sugar and condensed milk for a caramel apple taste!


    Pistachio Sugar Cookie: Ingredients: Black Tea, pistachio, roses, marzipan, and almond.

    Descrption: A blend that taste just like a pistachio sugar cookie, just sweeten and serve with cream!


    Chocolate Chip Mint: Ingredients: Black Tea, Mint Leaves, Chocolate Pieces.

    Description: Incredible mint chocolate smell. The name says it all!


    Wild Papaya: Ingredients: Black tea, green tea, papaya, sunflowers rosehips.

    Description: A tangy fruity refreshing mis of balck and gree tea.


    Citus Jasmine Bouquet: Ingredients: Black tea, Green tea, Jasmine, lemongrass, roses, and cornflowers.

    Description: A sweet citrus mix of green and black tea with hints of floral notes.


    Citrus Ginger Peach: Ingredients: Organic Black Tea, Ginger Roots, Orange Peel, Peach Pieces, Ginger, Orange, Peach Flavor.

    Description: An aromatic ginger based tea with just the right hints of peach and orange.


    Mango Lemon Drop: Ingredients: Black tea, lemon peel, mango.

    Description: The perfect morning tea with a perfect citrus blend


    Black Huckleberry Current: Ingredients: Indian Black Tea, Black Currant, Black Currant Leaves, Huckleberry, Blackberry Flavor.

    Description: This tea is the fruitiest and most flavorful of the Black Tea Family.

    Black Rose: Ingredients: Indian Black Tea, Rose Blossoms, Blue Cornflower, and Sunflower.
    This lovely black tea may sound floral but has a light citrus flavor to it.

    Spiced Banana Bread: Ingredients: Black Tea, Ginger, Cloves, Banana, Apple, and almonds.
    A sweet blend of fruit and spices.

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