A variety of black teas from all over the world.

Black Tea Blends

Flavor (See descriptions below)
  • Cream Dé Earl Grey: Ingredients: Black tea, bergamot, blue mallow, calendula, and vanilla.

    Description: A smooth black tea with bergamot and notes of vanilla and florals.

    Jasmine Creamsicle: Ingredients: Black jasmine tea with jasmine petals and vanilla.

    Description: A bold and strong take on Jasmine tea with vanilla infusions.

    Miner Energy: Ingredients: Malty black tea, vanilla, rooibos, star of anise, St. John's wort and rosehips. Do not consume St. John's wort when taking MOA inhibitors.

    Description: Another one of our personal blends, it's our highest caffeinated tea with earthy notes. Sure to get your motor running!

    Black Raspberry Lavender: Ingredients: Organic black tea, raspberry leaves, lavender, lemon, hibiscus.

    Description: One of our personal blends and one of my favorite black teas!

    Almond Caramel Apple: Ingredients: Black tea, marigold, apple bits, caramel balls and almond chips. apple, caramel and almond flavor.

    Description: A fall or anytime treat, steep with brown sugar and condensed milk for a creamy caramel apple. 

    Pistachio Sugar Cookie: (Seasonal) Ingredients: Black tea, pistachios, roses, marzipan, and almond.

    Descrption: A blend that taste just like a pistachio sugar cookie; just sweeten and serve with cream!

    Chocolate Chip Mint: Ingredients: Black tea, mint leaves, chocolate Pieces.

    Description: Incredible mint chocolate aroma and tast. Just like they serve a Baskin Robbins without all the calories!

    Wild Papaya: Ingredients: Black tea, green tea, papaya, sunflowers rosehips.

    Description: A tangy fruity refreshing blend of black and green teas.

    Citus Jasmine Bouquet: Ingredients: Black tea, green tea, jasmine, lemongrass, roses, and cornflowers.

    Description: A sweet citrus mix of green and black teas with hints of floral notes.

    Citrus Ginger Peach: Ingredients: Organic black tea, ginger root, orange peel, peach pieces, ginger, orange, peach flavor.

    Description: An aromatic ginger based tea with just the right hints of peach and orange.

    Mango Lemon Drop: Ingredients: Black tea, lemon peel, mango.

    Description: The perfect morning tea with a perfect citrus blend.

    Black Huckleberry Currant: Ingredients: Indian black tea, black currant, black currant leaves, huckleberry, blackberry flavor.

    Description: This tea is the fruity,  flavorful and for some reason one of the men's favorites.

    Black Rose: Ingredients: Indian black tea, rose blossoms, blue cornflower, and sunflower.
    Description:This lovely black tea may sound floral but has a light citrus flavor to it.

    Spiced Banana Bread: Ingredients: Black tea, ginger, cloves, banana, apple, and almonds.
    Description: A sweet blend of fruit and spices. Just like Nana used to make!

    Midnight Honey: NEW Ingredients: Indian black tea, honey pollen, honey flavor

    Description:  A bold black tea goodness with a strong honey accent.

    Hazelnut Spice: NEW Ingredients: Indian black tea, hazelnut pieces, hazelnut flavor.

    Description: Arobust simple mix of black tea and hazelnuts.

    Mango Pomegranate Breeze NEW: Ingredients: Black tea , mango cubes (mango, sugar), lilac dragonfruit cubes, flavoring, pomegranate arils (lilac), pomegranate flowers, mango flakes.

    Description: This summery drink is decorated with bright fruit, like the purple dragon fruit and yellow-orange mango. This mild black tea has juicy, sun-ripened mango and tangy pomegranate. Enjoy this fruit sensation all year round.

  • 12-15 cups per ounce

    Steep at boiling

    3-4 minutes

    Contains caffeeine

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