Our ceremonial grade matcha green tea is some of the finest green tea in the world and a very healthy way to consume matcha green tea.

Primarily associated with the Japanese, ceremonial grade matcha has been consumed for hundreds of years because of it’s great taste and numerous health benefits.

Prior to the harvest of matcha, the tea plants are shaded to increase chlorphyll, brightness and sweetness not associated with other green teas. The leaves are then harvested and processed, ground down to powder.

Today, matcha is still used in the Japanese Tea Ceremony, but also in a variety of modern ways like making cakes, pies and ice cream, as an ingredient in baked goods and entrees and it is especially popular in lattes and smoothies.
Getting a regular intake of the antioxidants from matcha green tea may also help with a healthy body, through lowering cholesterol and blood pressure.
Our ceremonial grade matcha is used in several restaurants, tea shops, and coffee shops in the El Paso Area.
Buy yours today and check out our recipes for delicious ideas!

Ceremonial Grade Matcha

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  • Matcha will last you 1 month on the shelf at room tempurature or 3 months in the fridge.
    Do not freeze matcha.
    Do not keep matcha in clear container where sun can reach it.
    Keep matcha air tight.
    Matcha will not go bad or lose flavor. However the health benefits of matcha will diminish if you do not keep it in a cool dry place in an air tight container.