Need to replace coffee?! We have several options including blends with some coffee beans in them as well as matcha! Check them out!

Coffee Replacements

Flavor (See descriptions below)
  • Green Yerba Maté: Ingredients: Organic Green Plain South American Yerba Maté.

    Description: Strong caffeine with an Earthy taste.

    Maté Birthday Blend: Ingredients: Roasted Yerba Maté, crushed coffee beans, rooibos, sunflowers, marigold, cornflowers

    Description: A strong caffeinated maté that looks like confetti and smells like coffee!

    Orange Melon Maté: Green & roasted Yerba Maté, applec, carrot, orange peel, lemon myrtle, rose hips.

    Description: A refreshing earthy and orange flavored maté.

    Roasted Maté Chai: Ingredients: Maté, cinnamon, ginger.

    Description: A roasted maté with chai spices.

    Rio Carnival: Ingredients: Brazillian Maté, blackberry leaves, apple cubes, mango flakes, coconut flakes, banana chips,tangerine pieces, marigolds.

    Description: An exotic blend of green maté and fruit

    Matcha: High quality Japanese Green Tea stone ground into a fine powder. Check out our Benefits of Matcha page on the education tab for more information on Matcha!

    Java Cha: A black tea with coffee beans, chocolate, hazelnut, and yogurt granules.

    Description: A savory delicious way to replace coffee!

  • 12-15 cups per ounce

    Steep at boiling

    6-7 minutes

    High caffeine

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