1 oz of tea makes 12-20 cups.

2 oz of tea makes 25-30 cups.

Green Tea

Flavor (See descriptions below)
  • Sencha: Ingredients: Chinese green tea

    Description: A traditional top shelf Chinese green


    Special Dragon Well: Ingredients: Traditional High Quality Plain Green Tea

    Description: The traditional taste of Green Tea with an Earthy and grassy taste.


    Genmaicha: Ingredients: Traditional Japanese Green Tea, Brown Rice Cornels, Popcorn

    Description: A smoky blend of burnt popcorn and marshmallow taste.


    Jasmine Yin Hao: Ingredients: Green Tea, Jasmine

    Description: Earthy green tea flavor with subtle yet rich jasmine floral overtones.


    Midnight Mint: Ingredients: Green Tea, Peppermint

    Description: Relax with a lovely cup of this healthy and calming tea.


    Vanilla Rose: Ingredients: Green tea, rose buds, rose hips, vanilla

    Ingredients: A very floral green tea with smooth vanilla undertone


    Emerald Colada: Ingredients: Pineapple Chunks, Shredded Coconut, Green Tea

    Description: Ring in the summertime with this great tasting tropical treat.


    Jasmine Lavender: Ingredients: Jasmine tea, raspberry lavender, and lemon.

    Description: A delicious blend of traditional Chinese Jasmine tea with a sweet and delicate mix of raspberry and lavender infused with lemon.


    Pineapple Surprise: Ingredients: Green tea, pineapple, cherry.

    Description: A semi-sweet blend of fruit and Chinese green tea.


    Sencha Fruit Bowl: Ingredients: Green tea, guava, mango, apple, beetroot, and pink cornflower petals.

    Description: A Japanese green tea with layers of fruit flavors all softened with the pink cornflower.


    Caramel Sesame Cookie: Ingredients: Green tea, caramel, walnuts, and roasted sesame seeds.

    Description: A traditional Japanese green tea with a toastedness all sweetened with caramel.


    Walnut Choco Nana: Ingredients: Green tea, banana, walnuts, almonds and chocolate.

    Description: A Japanese Green tea with the prescense of a banana split.