Green tea is made from the Camellia sinensis plant as are all teas. The leaves are heated through a  pan fire or steam to halt the oxidation process used to make black and oolong teas. It's flavor is a complex fusion of sweet yet nutty and vegetal.  Green tea originated in China, but its production and manufacture has spread to other countries in East Asia. Green tea is accepted to be one of the healthiest beverages on the planet!

Green Teas

Flavor (See descriptions below)
  • Sencha: Ingredients: Japanese green tea

    Description: A traditional top shelf Japanese green

    Special Dragon Well: Ingredients: Traditional high end Chinese Plain Green Tea

    Description: The traditional taste of Green Tea with an Earthy and grassy taste.

    Genmaicha: Ingredients: Traditional Japanese Green Tea, toasted brown rice kernels

    Description: A blend of toasted rice and umami green tea.

    Jasmine Yin Hao: Ingredients: Green Tea, jasmine

    Description: Earthy green tea flavor with subtle yet rich jasmine floral overtones.

    Green Cha Cha Chai: Ingredients: Green tea, cinnamon, almonds, cloves, green cardamom.

    Description: A delicious blending of chai spices with a japanese green tea kick.

    Midnight Mint: Ingredients: Green Tea, Peppermint.

    Description: Relax with a lovely cup of this healthy and calming tea.

    Vanilla Rose: Ingredients: Green tea, rose buds, rose hips, vanilla.

    Description: A very floral green tea with smooth vanilla undertones.

    Emerald Colada: Ingredients: Green tea.pineapple chunks, shredded coconut.

    Description: Ring in the summertime with this great tasting tropical treat.

    Jasmine Lavender: Ingredients: Jasmine tea, raspberry, lavender, and lemon.

    Description: A delicious blend of traditional Chinese Jasmine tea with a sweet and delicate mix of raspberry and lavender infused with lemon.

    Pineapple Surprise: Ingredients: Green tea, pineapple, cherry, lemongrass, safflowers.

    Description: A semi-sweet blend of fruit and Chinese green tea.

    Sencha Fruit Bowl: Ingredients: Green tea, guava, mango, apple, beetroot, and pink cornflower petals.

    Description: A Japanese green tea with layers of fruit flavors all softened with the pink cornflower. A Teaspouters favorite.

    Caramel Sesame Cookie: Ingredients: Green tea, caramel, walnuts, and roasted sesame seeds.

    Description: A traditional Japanese green tea with a toastedness and sweetened with caramel.

    Walnut Choco Nana: Ingredients: Green tea, banana, walnuts, almonds and chocolate.

    Description: A Japanese Green tea with the prescense of a banana split.

    Green Tea Pearls: Ingredients:  Premium Chinese green tea pearls

    Description: Hand rolled green tea buds.

  • 12-15 cups per ounce

    Steep at 170º- 175ºF

    2-4 minutes

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