Matcha/ Whipper combo includes your choice of 14, 30, or 60  servings of our premium organic Matcha.  Choice of Ceremonial, Vanilla, Raspberry, Coconut, or Blueberry.

An easy way to make matcha quickly. These battery operated kitchen whippers are perfect for blending matcha out to a perfect froth.

Matcha / Whipper Combo

Matcha Flavor
  • Matcha will last you 1 month on the shelf at room tempurature or 3 months in the fridge.
    Do not freeze matcha.
    Do not keep matcha in clear container where sun can reach it.
    Keep matcha air tight.
    Matcha will not go bad or lose flavor. However the health benefits of matcha will diminish if you do not keep it in a cool dry place in an air tight container.

  • Please check our return policy in our terms and conditions for return information.

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