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Drinks: Oolong Tea

  • Passion Fruit: Ingredients: Green Oolong with Marigolds and Passion Fruit
    Description: The delicacy of passion fruit infused in Oolong that is so bold it can be steeped three times.


    Blooming Oranges: Ingredients: Dark oolong, orange peel
    Description: A great combination of a smoky oolong and oranges


    Blueberry & Peaches: Ingredients: Oolong tea, blueberries, peaches, marigolds
    Description: Inspired by my grandmothers blueberry and peach cobbler. Tastes even better with a shot of blueberry Matcha.


    Strawberry: Ingredients: Chinese oolong, strawberry
    Description: Perfect with cream and vanilla matcha to create a sweet cup of strawberry milk!


    Milk: Ingredients: Taiwanese oolong, milk flavor.
    Description: A smooth oolong tea layered with a velvety creaminess but DOES NOT actually contain any dairy.


    Rock: Ingredients: Traditional Chinese oolong.
    Description: A strong rich flavor.


    Tung Ting: A traditional Taiwanese oolong.
    Description: A smooth earthy flavor with nutty notes.

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