Our raspberry matcha tea is a delicious variation on traditional matcha green tea. Raspberries are rich in health benefits including helping to protect against diabetes, fighting obesity, and are great for shiny healthy hair.
Raspberry matcha is a great-tasting, blend of tart raspberry and savory matcha, containing a high-level of antioxidants and rich in vitamin C and fiber.
Our Raspberry matcha tea is 100% pure matcha grown and sourced from fields in Japan. 
Wildly popular in America, the matcha raspberry blend is becoming a favorite choice at tea and coffee shops and now you can enjoy it in you own home!
Raspberry matcha is smooth in taste and in texture and combines the flavor and health benefits of matcha and one of natures geatest berries.
Check out our recipes for delicious ideas and learn all about the benefits of matcha.

**Our flavored matcha is the highest quality matcha combined with flavor derived directly from the blueberry, raspberry, coconut, and vanilla bean.

Raspberry Matcha

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  • Matcha will last you 1 month on the shelf at room tempurature or 3 months in the fridge.
    Do not freeze matcha.
    Do not keep matcha in clear container where sun can reach it.
    Keep matcha air tight.
    Matcha will not go bad or lose flavor. However the health benefits of matcha will diminish if you do not keep it in a cool dry place in an air tight container.