Rooibos is an indigenous herb of South Africa that is made from the fine needle-like leaves of the Aspalathus linearis plant. When the leaves are cut, bruised and oxidized, they become a reddish brown color, explaining why it was named rooibos or “red bush”.  Rooibos is incredibly smooth and gentle with a natural sweetness and slightly nutty taste.

Honeybush is a cousin of rooibos. In the spring, honeybush has a bright yellow flower and is heavily honey-scented. This unique and healthy drink is tasty, full-bodied, and aromatic. It brews up a warm reddish-brown color and tastes herbaceous and slightly spicy with a sweet aftertaste.

Rooibos & Honeybush

Flavor (See descriptions below)
  • Vanilla Rooibos: Ingredients: South African Red Bush, Vanilla

    Description: A bold blend of earthy red bush and sweet vanilla.

    Coconut Chai Rooibos: Ingredients: Rooibos, coconut, ginger, cinnamon, vanilla

    Description: Rooibos never tasted so good than with shredded coconut and warm winter spices

    Orange Almond Spiced Rooibos: Ingredients: Rooibos, almonds, cinnamon, orange peel

    Description: Autumn in a cup!

    Miner Fever: Ingredients: Green Rooibos, mango, peach, papaya, passion Fruit

    Description: This fruity South African blend is sure to have you in the UTEP spirit

    Roobi Colada: Ingredients: Rooibos, coconut, pineapple, ginger, vanilla.

    Description: A refreshing taste of a pina colada with a hint of the red rooibos.

    Death by Chocolate: Ingredients: Honeybush, chocolate chips, and caramel chips.

    Description: A blend that gives you tons of health benefits while you enjoy the taste of toasted choclate and caramel!

    Matchmaker's Rooibos: Ingredients: Vanilla Rooibos, raspberry, lavender, lemon, hibiscus, raspberry flavor

    Description: The overtones of spice found in Rooibos perfectly melded with hints fruit and citrus.

  • Steep at 203ºF - 212ºF

    6-7 minutes

    Caffeine free

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