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Introducing  our new Black Tea, Black Rose!
Black Rose is a floral blend of Blue Cornflower, Sunflower, and Rose! Try it today!

Our new Toasted Turmeric Tonic is the perfect blend of Rooibos, Honeybush, Black Peppercorn, Ginger, turmeric, and Honeybee Pollen. 
Green Power Shake
Green Power Slush

Our premium green power blend is the perfect serving of all your essential green needs! A vegan and vegetarian mix blended with agave, non-dairy cream, and ice or just agave ! Enjoy our Shake and Slushie today!


The Tea Spoutlight!

Whether you're looking for a new tea to try or want to go down a checklist of all of our teas, participate in our Tea Spoutlight! Every Wednesday we will be showing off one of our teas. Come down to the shop and whether you want to try a cup of our spotlighted tea or take some loose leaf home with you, enjoy $1 off your purchase!

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